" Hi Dave- I shared this on my Instagram yesterday and wanted to share with you because the bootcamp classes have had a big impact on me sustaining my muscle growth and health. Thanks for helping me out in my journey."
- Jamil

"As Dave's clients for over five years, he has become an integral part of our fitness regime. As a trainer, Dave is very attentive to us; he works with us to shape our goals, identifies quickly in what areas we have deficits and tailors his workouts around them, and provides variety not only to maximize the outcomes of the session but also to keep it interesting, difficult and fun. His attentiveness does not end when the session is over; Dave provides advice for whole body wellness including such things as nutrition, avoiding injuries from other exercise activities or how to pick out proper athletic shoes. Dave is an exceptional trainer, and no matter if you are a beginner who has never been to the gym or someone who has trained for years, you couldn’t be in better hands."
- Jud and Tyler

"I have been training with Dave Hochbaum for nearly five years. Dave has a client-first philosophy. He has always been a great listener, understanding my goals, strengths and limitations. He is also a great motivator and has pushed me to complete workouts that I thought were impossible. Over the years, Dave has consistently surprised me with new, innovative and fun workouts emphasizing strength training, cardio and flexibility. The results speak for themselves, as I’ve lost nearly 40 lbs and reduced my body fat percentage from 25% to 16%."
- Andrew B. Hochman

"Dave Hochbaum has been my personal trainer for over four years. Dave is a very attentive and "hands-on" kind of trainer. From the beginning Dave asked me what my goals are and has helped me to attain them. Recently while we were training, Dave noticed what appeared to be a repetitive motion injury in my shoulder. I was able to confirm Dave's assessment by going to my doctor – I had a major sprain in my rotator cuff. I have been gaining strength and recovering due to specialized training from Dave and physical therapy. My physical therapists report that I am getting much stronger and I am improving. Way to go Dave!!!"
- Ed Egan

"My body hasn’t been in this great of shape since high school. I'm amazed how athletic my body looks and feels. Dave changes up the workouts each week which keeps them interesting and fun. I don’t get bored. OMG! OMG! Dave's the best!!!"
- Jen Sceli

"I've always enjoyed working out, and I've trained with various coaches throughout the years with mixed results. As I was approaching middle age, I decided I really needed to get serious. I was going to a gym where none of the trainers really paid attention to the members; except this one guy, always friendly, asking me about my workouts. Totally genuine. A friend was training with him and achieving great results, s I decided to try Dave out. Seven years later, I'm 49, and truly in the best shape I've been in 25 years. With Dave I received years of experience and knowledge, dedication and compassion. He know what I'm capable of when I don't. I consider him much more than just an exercise coach; our relationship extends to all aspects of wellness. I can't say enough about Dave. Training with him is one of the best decisions I've ever made."

Paul Hogan