What does this word mean to you?

For me I think of life and the pursuit of happiness, whatever that may be. As a huge Cubs fan I can say at first hand how hard it was to wait for this Championship to finally come home. My grandfather is 90 years young and I had the opportunity to take this amazing picture with him. He served his country, went to college and then raised 5 kids in the north west suburbs of Chicago. He taught high school P.E. until he was 60. He loved to drink his Old Style with pride. Every Sunday all his grand kids would come over and wreak havoc all over the house and backyard, how did he put up with it? Oh yeah, Old Style. Actually, that is what gave him the drive to stay active and live a happy life.


I am writing this short story in hopes to open your hearts to living your life for the ones you care about. Please don’t lose focus. Longevity is living a healthy lifestyle so one day you can take pictures with your grand kids to celebrate moments like these.     










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