There is no one right way to eat. Some are better than others, and the best alternative depends on a combination of factors. Like your environment, food selection is optimized for an  individual’s personal conditions, characteristics and circumstances and will yield different results by others when taken out of context. Food has medicinal qualities in it that could help propel your performance and contribute to your health or recovery.

My FIT4U nutrition program is designed to jump start your metabolism based on your current body type, activity level, age, gender and lifestyle. 

There are 3 levels of this program:

  • Level 1 - (Beginner) Individuals who have very little experience in nutrition and fitness and are looking to further their knowledge to get a jump start on the road to success. In most cases (ectomorphs, endomorphs). 
  • Level 2 - (intermediate) Individuals who have a basic understanding of health and fitness. They can pick up information quickly but need guidance based on their goals. Anything from sport specific nutrition to macronutrient  balance and supplementation.
  • Level 3 - (advanced) This person would be your typical athlete. Anyone from high school to collegiate and professional levels. You must have years of experience in order to become an advanced client. In most cases this person displays a mesomorph frame.