FIT4U wellness

FIT4U – Wellness consulting

As your wellness coach, I will be guiding you through content that is based on your health and fitness goals. This program is a habit-based coaching approach. The program will put information, tasks, and activities in the right order strategically to set you up for success. The goal is to work together to build a strong foundation based on both creating and rewarding good habits. As your wellness coach I will be able to help you by:

  • Staying consistent, motivated, and accountable by daily communication and coaching.
  • Delivering ideas to create positive habits with food and fitness.
  • Discover and overcome your specific barriers and challenges.
  • Reviewing your consistency and habit adherence.
  • Tracking your physical, mental, and behavior changes weekly.

Getting started:

(Step 1) Create account in the top right corner of this page,

(Step 2) Sign up to the subscription that best fits your needs. ( Gold - Silver - Bronze)

Referrals: If you are currently a client and refer 2 people to join you will receive a FREE month.