Rolando’s fit by 30 (3 month journey)

Looking in the mirror and not being happy what you see at 29 years old is probably a situation many know about. It’s not about being fat and it’s not about not having confidence, it’s about realizing that you have let yourself and your body down by living an unhealthy life. By now the diets, gym memberships, smoothies, etc have all been done without long lasting effects. Meeting Dave has been such a great experience, to meet someone who is both knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people meet their health goals. I have worked with Dave for 3 months and what he has done in those 3 months, has been life changing. He not only shows you how and what to eat, but he does a program based on your specific needs. Obviously 3 months is not enough time for total transformation, but waking up every morning feeling better, walking around with that “pep in your step”, needing to buy new clothes because they are now too big, and looking in that mirror and seeing that the foundation has been set to reach that ultimate goal of looking at something, at someone who has not let themselves down and giving yourself that brighter healthier future. As I come close to my 30th birthday, I have to thank Dave for helping me start on a healthier note, I couldn’t do this without him, he is truly the best.
-Rolando #fitby30










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