Corporate Wellness Program

Halsted Flats bootcamp

I started the wellness program in the beginning of October 2016 with the mindset of growing and developing a fun and energetic community of diverse residents. Taking a look at some of the images below will show you how much hard work and dedication they put forth towards each other to succeed.

Gill park bootcamp  starts July 11th at 6pm!!!!!!

Every Tuesday and Thursday class will be held at 6pm. Class will be approximately 50 minutes in duration including warm up and cool down. If a class is canceled due to weather conditions we will reschedule to that coming Saturday. Participants will be required to pay $20 per class via chase quick pay, venmo or by cash. I recommend bringing ice cold water, sun glasses, medium sized towel and a smile. You will be required to also sign a waiver prior to participating. There will be a an attendance sheet for the rewards program.

What’s the rewards program? If you continue to show your hard work and dedication to attending class I will reward you by giving you 1 FREE personal training session valued at $80. You must have the best attendance at the end of 4 weeks.

(Venmo) Dave-Hochbaum

(Quick Pay) email  or  cell 847-651-2394

Gill park location

Outdoor training in the night sky.

Gill park bootcamp

The stairway to heaven or so they thought.

People who sweat together motivate together.

Building strong bodies


I wanted to write a quick note on behalf of myself and my wife to thank RMK and Halsted Flats about Dave Hochbaum, who leads the Halsted Flats Boot Camp class on Monday and Weds nights.  My wife and I have lived in this building for 2+ years and just recently renewed for an additional year.  While there are many things we like about living in HF and many things that factored in our decision to renew here, the Boot Camp class was not a small factor that we discussed.  My wife and I have very few fitness options we both like and get something out of, and this class is one of them.  The value that the class adds to our experience living here is not a small thing as it has been really beneficial and fun for both of us.  So let me just say, thanks for offering the class and please continue to do so, it's been great and really helps offset some of the cost of living here since we don't have to buy gym memberships, etc.

- Chris and Rachel


I was a new resident to Halsted flats when I noticed Dave's bootcamp class happening at the gym one night. I was instantly welcomed to join and when I learned it was FREE, I was even more motivated to take class. Now I look forward to it every week and It's been a great way to meet people in the building.

- Kait McNamara


One of the biggest reasons I was not consistent with working out is due to my hectic schedule and a general lack of knowledge. Having Dave's classes right in my building has rectified these issues. The convenience is great but having Dave is the key to success. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable in exercise science, but with nutrition as well. He is able to tailor the workouts to your needs. Each class is a new and exciting challenge to keep you engaged and working toward your goal. 

-Evie and Kevin



Not only are group fitness classes energetic and motivating, they are also very effective! Being offered a group fitness class was one of the things that attracted my attention when looking for a new apartment. Having a certified trainer lead your workout class ensures proper technique, and also motivates you to push yourself to the best of your ability. I am one that finds myself doing repetitive workouts on my own, or simply finding them boring. This was the perfect fix! Attending these classes has also helped me meet new neighbors as well as stay social in our residential community. These classes are fun, motivating, and interactive. I find myself looking forward to these classes and planning my schedule to try to fit them in.