To achieve optimal results baseline stats are needed to develop a personalized and tailored action plan, so an initial consult1 is required before our first personal training session. An optional body composition scan2 is available during the sixty minute assessment. While not mandatory, it is highly recommended for a more precise evaluation. The facts collected from the diagnostics will accurately determine the specific direction and approach to start our journey.

If you are on a tight budget and are having trouble finding a trainer that will fit your needs, split the cost of a great workout by training with a partner.

After a waiver of liability is signed, weekly sessions can be scheduled by email and attaching your waiver of liability.

  • $50 per session, per person, for one, one hour weekly session.
  • $40 per session, per person, for two or more one hour sessions per week.

Please note, partner training discounts only apply when two people are trained during the same session.

Required consult1: One time $50 investment per person.
Optional body composition scan2. One time $75 investment per person.